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. >> this is the best place for us to make sure they have everything they need to go out on site. >> reporter: laundry and a mess hall. a thousand crews are here as big as this is, it's duplicate is out in the middle river. >> today is one of our biggest days where we have every single crew here in place. >> reporter: bge uses no larger distribution table than this, 32,000-volts, 11 snapped poles are tackled by an 11 man work crew. >> i don't know what they call it here, back home we call it overhead twisted cable. it's on the ground. >> reporter: your area may have told you days not from around here. he's 68 years old and retired once and looks forward to these massive restoration jobs. >> this is work we love to do and when somebody needs help we're happy to help. i don't come down here to chase money. we come down because we feel we have an obligation to our profession and nobody else can do it. >> reporter: bge couldn't say how many customers will be restored. guest welcome to summer in maryland. >> it's hot for us. we're used to it. we workout doors every day 365 days a year. i'll take the heat o
was using medical grade silicone. >> some clients were strippers who believed a bigger behind would earn them extra cash at the clubs. she would inject women up and down the east coast and falsely told them she was using medical grade silicone. many are left with disfigured bodies, even organs that shut down. >> did you know what was being injected into your body? >> no, i did not know. we still don't know what it is. i almost went into a deep depression over this because i felt like i did this to myself. i do feel like i'm one of the lucky ones. >> prosecutors say one of the clients, a dancer was hospitalized when silicone entered her bloodstream and spread to her lungs. >> reporter: feds say she is not a licensed medical pra tigs ner, she would -- practitioner, she would use crazy glue to sale -- seal up the wound. >> the u.s. attorney officer worked with the food and drug administration on this investigation. >>> an over night accident takes the life of a teenager in howard county. the crash happened in columbia just after 3:00 a.m.. a 17-year-old lost control of his car and hit a tre
the two front seats and the front driver's side window was down and that's what she was using to waive to us. >> we are looking at every once, every include. for us to say or speculate on a motive would be unfair. >> ripken's family said they wouldn't talk during the open investigation. they issued this statement. this has been a very trying time for our family. we are grateful and relieved that mom is back with us safe and healthy. >> reporter: police won't say whether anyone used her credit cards during this or deal. reporting live, mike hellgren wjz eyewitness news. jessica. >> thank you . ripken lived in the same home for decades. stay with wjz and wjz.com for breaking news on this developing investigation. >>> some breaking news. a beer truck driver has been sited after she loses or cargo on a highway. the tractor trailer over turned blocking all but the right shoulder of 270. this morning the tractor trailer is destroyed and it's precious cargo was scattered across the highway. the clean up effort is expected to be extensive. >>> a commuting mess in east baltimore after a sink h
for donations for victims. $1,000 has been raised. >> thank you for standing with us and letting this joker know he may have intended it as his story but we are taking it back. >> reporter: petra's story is nothing more than mir rack cue laws. the bullet traveled up a part of fluid in her brain part of a birth defect she had her entire life. it skipped the healthy brain tissue saving her life. >> our family has been shaken by the events of last friday but we have not been broken. >> reporter: it has been especially difficult for anderson's family. her mom is suffering from four different types of cancer. she is fighting for her own life while thankful her beloved daughter still has hers. doctors gave anderson's mother weeks to live but she is hoping new treatment will extend that. mike hellgren, wjz, eyewitness news. >> stay with wjz for complete coverage of the tragedy in aurora. for the latest on the suspect, the victims and the investigation, log on to wjz.com. >>> the penn state community is reeling after the ncaa hands down severe sanctions against the football program. we have more on what
lawrence. >> under please--please say with us for more on the tragedy. so to www.wjz.com for more. >>> an investigation is under way where a four-year-old drowned in a pool. the child was pronounced dead at the hospital. the sheriff's office is conducting an investigation. >>> a mountain climber with ties to maryland is found dead in south america. we have pictures of the two we were trying to scale a 20,000 high foot mountain when they fell about 1,000 feet to their deaths. he was working on his phd. >>> ron mattes has more. >> reporter: well, wednesday is fred--last day. he is going retire after 31 years. he made his final neighborhood walk. he says he does take some credit for the drop in crime in the city. jessica, back to you. >> ron, thank you. he would like to hike the appalachian trail in his retire. >>> we are starting the workweek with clouds and happiedty and a--humidity and a few showers. will we have more rain later on? bernadette woods is in the weather center. >>> we have had a couple of showers and a couple of thunderstorms coming in from the east. of the storms a
there's no risk to you. we've been there. and we can help. call us right now for your free customized plan. or, visit us online. careone. we know what it's like to be in your shoes. >>> major road blocks. >> a water main break paralyzes downtown. >> how long will repairs take? >>> good afternoon, i'm jessica cartallia. >> i'm don scott. >>> here's what's people are talking about today. it took only moments for water to buckle one of baltimore's busiest city streets. sky eye chopper 13 is over the water main break downtown where crews are continuing to make repairs this noon. wjz is live with complete coverage. captain jeff long is in sky eye chopper 13. let's check in with michael shu who's on the ground with more on these repairs. good afternoon. >>reporter: good afternoon. this is the close we've been able to get to. there is the hole. it is enormous. an alfe bet soup of agencies and hired help have determined how tightly woven is the underground utilities underneath this asphalt. it turns out the job is going to be lengthy, costly and huge. before dawn a wounded city lay expose
construction work underway on u.s. 50 in prince georgia's county. that's where the road buckled. a 50 by 40 feet stretch. we will continue to keep an eye on the power numbers and also on the death toll from the heat wave. reporting live, mike hellgren, wjz eyewitness news. >> thank you very much. >>> what will this week hold for us? let's take a live look outside right now. we have a mix of clouds and blue skies showing through. after last night's much needed soaking, tim williams is in the weather center with the numbers. good afternoon, tim. >> good afternoon. we deft definitely woke up to the thunder and lightening. it was a definite tran decision going on. the cooler -- transition going on. the cooler air is moving in. some of the rain moved through here with a bit of fanfare. the thunder and lightening came through. not a ton of rain with this. it moved across the state and with that some of those storms came through with a bit of a punch, but nothing severe. no severe warnings or watches were kicked into place. right now the temperatures is at 76. we have 84 up towards elkin, 79 down
store windows. 24 people were arrested. protesters are wanting to know why police used deadly force in two shootings. the family of one man has $1 man has filed -- family of one man has filed a $50 million lawsuit. >> he was run down by police and shot in the back and then the become of the head and kill -- back of the head and killed. >> 25-year-old manual diaz was acting suspiciously and ran away from officers. he would not stop when police ordered him too and threw something on the roof of an apartment complex. the two officers involved are on paid administrative leave. on tuesday rioters threw chairs and rocks through windows of a starbucks. >> i was sitting in the corner when a rock hit the window. >> the city council approved a resolution calling for a federal investigation into the shootings. >> the other police involved shooting that is sparking protests happened on sunday. police say the return fire after a suspected gang member ran from a stolen vehicle and shot at them. >>> crews found the body of a teenager who drowned. several people saw the teen going into the pond on
over how much he knew about acquisitions his boss, john leopold, illegal ly used the state database. he was he has all along denied wrong doing. leopold is accused of making officers wait while he had sex with a county employee in a parking lot and using his officers to conceal that. back to you. >> thank you. moments ago mr. leopold issued a statement saying the chief is retiring to spend more time with his family and he wishes him the best of luck. >>> another developing story. baltimore board of estimates votes to approve the mayor's request to give city fire chief a pay raise. wjz is live. derek value court has reaction to the decision that came down this morning. >> reporter: the initial pay raise amounts to about $61 a week, but that is enough money to anger some critics who say that any raise is too much. >> just days a of the closure of two fire companies due to budget con straights the city's board of estimates in a three to two vote granted to grant the mayor's request to extend the fire chief's con trabt until 2018. -- contract until 2018. his first raise will be $3,200 for n
. >> they discovered 46 marijuana plants in his backyard. he faces seven felonies and two misdemeanors. he uses the main maybe for medicinal purposes. >> they are underway in sexual assaults at the bars at the beach. >> he targets woman who are drunk and walking alone. he forces them to the ground and tries to sexually assault her. women should walk in well lit areas and never alone. >>> mitt romney is on his way back after a three country trip. they are still focusing on very verse sham comments he made in israel. we have the latest. >> reporter: he was greeted with applause at the university of warsaw. one of the final stops on his overseas trips. the republican white house hopeful received a warm welcome in poland. the country sometimes is at odds with the obama administration. >> poland stands as an example and a defender of freedom. >> reporter: but romney's foreign trip is filled with controversy. at hits first stop in london, he questioned when they were ready for the olympics. in israel. he said it makes them better off than palestinians. >> reporter: reporters shouted questions about t
. >> there are no wins here. only losses, losses of young lives. >> police and prosecutors used phone records and witness statements to build the case. family members and friends of the defendants were in court but refused to say anything about the case. >> you want to say that again? >> i says kid my -- [ bleep ]. >> reporter: some of those same people were in tears in the courtroom moments before. one of the young men, antwan mostly stole the judge he wanted to raise money to hire his own private attorney and did not want the services of the public defender. she told him it would be unwise to move forward without counsel. he understand the risks and was willing to take them. mike hellgren. >>> police recovered 16 shell casings and a weapon at the scene. >>> john leopold is scheduled to stand trial about two months from today. he is accused of misusing his police detail. the judge has decided not to misdemeanor dismiss the charges. the trial will begin september the 4th. >>> a day after two city fire companies shut down permanently due to budget cuts, the mayor proposes a raise for the fire chief. ron m
is actually giving us just a little bit of a break. none the less, we have an excessive heat watch in effect for the entire area, much of central maryland through this evening and then again through tomorrow and then on the eastern shore with heat watches and severe thunderstorms out in the we were portion of the county. that is a watch there because things could fire up much like they did yesterday evening. so let's talk about how this plays into the next few days. for more on that, sending it out to most marty bass. >> reporter: for ecast actual temperatures today, tomorrow and sunday. i know we're talking about a calm heat index right now. we're going to see this afternoon really start to get on a roll. we hit 101, that 107 is not out of the question. the good news today is we might be a little bit too high on that number. tomorrow though unfortunately we're not. 103 is the forecast high. we could see it blast up to a feel of about 110. sunday 95. going to get a break because of the umbrella effect, a few clouds that will be the leading edge of a cold front moving our way. we're still go
for any of us through this afternoon. that's a good thing. it tells you we're on the improving side of the forecast. now, how have those storms impacted our temperatures? that's another big part of our forecast for today. for more on that, sending it out to marty. >> reporter: good afternoon. let's take a look at the temperatures because they do tell the story of this noon hour. they tell you basically how intense the weather has been the past couple of days. it's 8 87 on tv hill, that's our normal daytime high. let's take a look at some other numbers that will round out the story. with the humidity we can still throw a heat index down this noon of 93. we are looking for a heat index this afternoon in the mid 90s, actually 10 degrees cooler heat index wise than yesterday. right now it's 11 degrees actually cooler than this time yesterday. so, yeah, we're on the improved side of the front. when you look at the numbers and you start thinking, wow, it's still pretty steep out here. here's the question, when are we going to get a cool down and is there any rain in our future, not severe
for him to go upstairs. >> reporter: he told police his apartment husband booby trapped. he used four weapons, two pistols and two assault rifles. his motive is not revealed but no apparent ties to terrorism. >> a young girl with blood all over. >> reporter: witnesses say they couldn't breathe after he released the da canister. michelle griegoa, back to you. >> thank you as much for that report. >> fbi agents and police in suburban denver are using a hook and ladder fire truck to reach the unit. police say they put the camera at the end of a pole and found it booby trapped. the building was evacuated. the president addressed the mass shooting a short time ago. on behalf of the nation. >> we will take every step possible to ensure the safety of our all our people. we're going to stand by our neighbors in colorado during this extraordinarily difficult time. even as learned how this happened and who's responsible, we may never understand what leads anybody to terrorize their fellow human beings like this. such violent, such evil is senseless. it's beyond reason. >> the president also add
. the storm prediction center out of nor man, oklahoma has issued a slight risk area for us, expect for the lower eastern shore, the entire state is going to be under a slight risk for severe thunderstorm. gusty winds and strong downpours. we will continue to keep you posted. we will have your complete forecast in just a moment. >> thank you very much. first warning weather coverage continues now with derek valcourt at the poor pool -- pool at the park. good afternoon, derek. >> reporter: good afternoon. a lot of folks already jumping in the pool, just opened its doors a couple minutes ago. as you can imagine kids were lining up wait withing to get in. -- were lining up waiting to get in. this is the 11th heat advisory so far this year. if you don't take it seriously, it can catch up with you right quick. >> all you have to do is step outside to feel the effects. >> sweat, my hair goes crazy. you know , i can't even wear any make up. no one has been wearing anything on their face. >> it's been way too hot. >> health officials call this weather dangerous. so far extreme heat has con
it could be to have to have somebody we love taken from us in this fashion. >> 11 victims are still in critical condition. some have had multiple operations, including brain surgery. aurora's mayor is concerned some survivors may not make it. >> holmes will not have bail. that's the latest. >> police say holmes started buying guns two months ago and recently purchased 6,000 rounds of ammo over the internet. stay with wjz for complete coverage of the tragedy in aurora. we will bring you the latest on the victims and investigation tonight at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00. >>> the ncaa comes down hard on penn state in the wake of the jerry sandusky abuse scandal. a $60 million is just one of the penalties. the rest of the punishment from state college. >> the ncaa slammed penn state with massive penalties for not doing more to stop jerry sandusky's sex abuse of children. >> we kept foremost in our thoughts the tragic damage that's been done to the victims and their families. >> the sanctions include a $60 million fine. the school will be banned from post season games for 4 years, scholarships w
cell phone of the firearm he would use. the officer has worked as a motorcycle escort for white house officials. he's been assigned to administrative duty. >>> it's shaping up to be a quite day weather wise. taking a live look outside. the sun is trying to peak out through the clouds over the inner harbor. we have complete first warning weather coverage with marty in the weather center. good afternoon. >> good afternoon. i've got that high over cast out there. it's a bright day if you're just getting up. you could use your sunglasses. there's not a ton of sun out there. let's take a look at some temperatures, the numbers that tell the story of this noon hour. 85 on tv hill. the dew point of 58. not unlike the past two days. there is a bit of a different feel this afternoon all be it with the temperature change. we have, as i said, these high clouds in the area in the region. let's take a look at the doppler. we do indeed have some shower actively. now you -- activity. you saw that light stuff at the beginning of this loop. i'll run it right, there at cecil county. that's the eastern e
is hitting maryland, putting us under a heat advisory. wjz was in fells point this morning where the sun was already shining brightly. some were hitting the water this morning. been there done that. the ere arly hours didn't seem to be -- early hours didn't seem to be keeping people indoors. let's take a live look outside right now. >> it is hazy. >> hot and humid. >> the big question is how warm is it going to get? marty bass in the first warning weather center. >> good afternoon. let's go right to our watch, warning and advisory graphic. we went into heat advisory, it will be with us through 8:00 tonight. that's going to be for the immediate metro area. we have heat advisories north of the mason dixon line up the 95 corridor. it is 86 degrees. that's not our noon temperature. it will hit that in a minute or so. we'll be closer to 90 this lunch hour. it already feels like 92. we have a graphic showing you what i think is the biggest story, what's it going to feel like the next few days. by the way, this is round four of big hit. it's going to feel like 95 today with a forecast high of
the repair work is basically going foot by foot. >> carroll used to be one in a million. >> saturday, sunday, monday, tuesday. >> it's out of your control. >> exact ly. >> near the city line on his porch to keep cool he may not have to read the news, he's part of the news. >> down the street and back across the street probably from that unit down to the end unit -- you can see down the street there the poles have been sheered. >> carroll is dead center near that origin and red dead spot along northern parkway. with 1/3 of the work force coming from out of state, carroll's restoration crew comes from bge. >> there's no tap that's left undamaged. >> here's what that means. >> people frustrated by the pace of progress need to look in this alley. this pole snapped in half. there's another one 25 feet that way, another one 25 feet that way and it continues for two blocks. >> i have ten sections of wire damage and equipment damaged and service loops. >> so ten trees? >> we have at least 25 trees down in just this tap alone. >> we're talking maybe a two or three block area? >> yes. >> with that
that just went into effect at noon, stays with us until 8 p.m. on the shore where you see the red colors that's an excessive heat warning that goes into effect on saturday. we're expecting these temperatures to continue to rise. for more we sent it to marty bass. >> reporter: good afternoon. i want to show you a graphic that -- just to be honest all the cards face up on the table i think we're being conservative in our heat index numbers. i'm going to give you a for example. today we're talking about 98 with a heat index of 103. well, we're at 94 now with the heat index of 101. we're looking at 5 to 7 degrees bump up in the feel of the moment. so the 103 and 103 today and tomorrow at 98 may be too low. what if we have to put a 7 degree on saturday's 103, 110 heat index. sunday 95 with still 100 to maybe 102 heat index. right there we're showing you the low ended. the high end -- the low end. the high end could be significantly more uncomfortable. we get into another difficulty. how are the power grids going to handle the demand on saturday. now put onto that discussion the fact we have a
of a hurricane without the warning time that a hurricane would typically give to us. >> gusts of winds hit more than 70 miles an hour, sending trees slamming into cars and homes. >> i look at what could have happened. i could have been in the car. >> it came in through the roof are. there was water coming in -- through the roof. there was water coming in. >> right now power crews are are coming in from out of state to help local workers who have been on the clock all weekend. there's still a massive amount of work that must be done. >> reporter: you can see it right here live in northeast baltimore, still a lot of trees down, a lot of power light -- sorry traffic signals that are out. many people don't understand that you have to treat those as a four-way stop. we've seen several accidents on our way over here this morning. several of those lights are being powered by generators, but not all of them are working. it can be a slow go as you're trying to get through town. if you need to report an outage, out bge any time you can. don't report the outage more than once. they only need to hear from
in before it got too hot already. it's already stifling. is relief on the way? marty joins us from the weather center. >> good afternoon. that was about as tough an afternoon as you'd ever want to feel. we said it was going to be an amazing few hours, the clouds would break up and the temperatures would blow torch and boy did they ever. 95 corridor south and east another heat advisory for a good reason. it's eventually going to cool off. that's going to come at a price. let's take a look at first warning dopplar weather radar. what you're looking at is a cold front and some thunderstorms already breaking out ahead of that frontal boundary. this is indeed going to be welcome relief. it's 86 on tv hill right now. that is going to equate -- that's going to blow your mind here to a heat index of 92. it's already 5 degrees warmer than this type -- time yesterday. that rain yesterday just added to the humidity and the uncomfortable atmosphere over night and this morning. what's going to come down later today? storms violent? maybe not. we have to talk about thunderstorms entering you nei
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